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We offer installation, sales, and service of rooftop and all types of TV antennas. We understand that some people want to “cut the cord” and don’t want to pay for Television programming with cable tv or satellite tv. Why pay for TV when you can get it for free!

In some parts of the San Francisco Bay Area, you can receive over 100 different channels from San Francisco and San Jose, with no monthly fee! You can get beautiful clear High Definition TV that is actually BETTER than with the signal the cable and satellite companies provide. Theirs is compressed and lower quality so they can cut costs using lower bandwidth.

This is our specialty – we have been doing it for over 25 years. But like anything, it’s not perfect either. It can be compromised by trees, tall buildings, and hills that may be in the path of the signal to your location. Some locations just can’t receive the signal or will receive some channels but not others. We have the experience to get you the best possible signal for your specific location and we may save you time and money by telling you ahead of time.

If you want to see what channels you can receive at your location, just go to or Give us a call and we will schedule an appointment to install your TV antenna.

Don’t forget that we also REMOVE old antennas or satellite dishes on your property.

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